Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fixed or Growth Mind Set

I am doing a teacher leader academy for my school district and we watched this video about fixed vs growth mind set. What you are about to watch is a game changer.  But first take this quiz to see where you are at on the mind set spectrum.


Once you have figured out you mind set now watch this video:

 Now let’s apply that to coaching and talent.  If you are a fixed mind set can you grow as a coach?  No
When dealing with players do you praise talent or work ethic?  work ethic
There is a point where talent limits what you and your team achieves its sets a celling whereas relentless effort and hard work is infinite.        

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  1. There is no doubt that Carol Dweck's work is having a tremendous impact on people. "Mindset" has become my favorite book, and once I read it, it instantly affected the way I teach, the way I coach, and the way I talk to my own children. Fortunately for me, I teach AP Psychology, and I am able to spend time getting students to read Dweck's book in class and discuss the effects of mindset.

    Great stuff here. Thanks for sharing.