Wednesday, March 26, 2014

PHIL 4:13

Warning this post is has nothing to do with football or attention to detail or does it?

I had a couple of girls qualify for the regional powerlifting meet. I noticed a fellow coach who was our week one opponent this past season. I noticed that he all of his lifters had Titan shirts and squat shirts on.  I started talking to him and told him that I had planned on becoming a Titan school.  He said that I had better order now because they were on back order and in fact his lifter who was lifting in the same weight class as mine didn't have a small enough size to fit her.  Well it came down to deadlift my athlete was 15 lbs away from all she had to do was tie her because she weighed 92 lbs and the other girl had to drop weight to be in the 97 lb weight class.  My athlete could not pull the weight and the other coaches girl ended up going to state and the story could have ended there.   

You see we are doing this book study at church and the book focuses on 4 major themes:
  • Prayer
  • Study
  • Generosity
  • Evangelization 
So I asked my lifter if she wanted her suit to go to state and she agreed so I gave the squat suit and bench shirt to the girl's coach who just beat my athlete. And he called his athlete over and she thanked me which was enough but then her coach gave me this:

You see we are going through a change in leadership where I am coaching at now and there is a lot of uncertainty going on right now.  But I know:
and have come to terms with whatever this exciting profession has in store for me and my family!

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